About Vitec Datamann A/S

Vitec Datamann A/S is a Danish it-company founded in 1977. We have specialized in the development of computer software for the following four lines of business:

  • Car dealers and repair shops. The name of our software is AutoVision. See details (in Danish).
  • Lawyers, attorneys, barristers. The name of our software is WeDo§Advokat. See details (in Danish).
  • Companies administrating houses and premises. The name of our software is WeDo§Ejendom. See details (in Danish).
  • Feed mills. The name of our software is OMEGA. See details (in Danish).

Contact Vitec Datamann A/S

Please make use of the following information:

Vitec Datamann A/S
Rosenkæret 22 A
DK-2860 Søborg

Telephone: +45 39 69 71 11
Fax: +45 39 69 75 15

For additional information about Vitec Datamann A/S, see FAQ's in English.