FAQ's about Vitec Datamann A/S

What kind of products does Vitec Datamann offer?

We focus mainly on developing, implementing and supporting computer software and hardware in the following four lines of business:

See further details under Produkter and under Service (all information in Danish).

Who is in charge of Vitec Datamann?

Vitec Datamann A/S, part of the swedish Vitec Software Group, is a Danish company managed by Stefan L. Hestbæk, general manager. In 2015 Vitec Software Group has a turnover on more than 600 mio. SEK with a profit for more than 100 mio. SEK. Vitec Software Group are registerd on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

Why is Datamann spelled 'Datamann'?

There is no exact reason why we spell our name with a lower case 'd' instead of an upper case 'D'. We spell Datamann with a double n because we originated from a German company called Mannesmann Kienzle. When we became an independent company, and came up with our new name, we thought it appropriate to stand by our origin, and spell it the German way.

What does 'A/S' in the name mean?

A/S is the Danish indication for a joint-stock company. In Vitec Datamann's case we are a private limited company.

What is Vitec Datamanns geographical focus?

We sell and support our products all over Denmark but not outside the country, so far. Our main office is in Søborg in Greater Copenhagen.

Is Vitec Datamann connected to companies with the same name outside Denmark?

No. There is a company called Datamann in England, a Datamann A/S in Norway and there may be others around the world that we are not aware of. But they have absolutely nothing to do with Vitec Datamann A/S in Denmark.

How do I contact Vitec Datamann?

Please make use of the following information:

Vitec Datamann A/S
Rosenkæret 22 A
DK-2860 Søborg

Telephone: +45 39 69 71 11
Fax: +45 39 69 75 15